Business Smart: Ways to Improve your Business

Increase efficiency

Instead of spending time waiting for those pages to print, or running to the local copy center, it’s better to upgrade your equipment. Upgraded equipment can help in finishing the tasks on time, as well as in finding potential clients. If you want to save money, instead of borrowing or renting, it’s better to purchase your own equipment.

Get smarter

Use some of your profits to enhance your business. Expand your horizon by taking classes on fields that you’re interested with. Use what you’ve learned by opening a different branch of business. Through this way, you can increase your client database.

You should also consider enrolling in ales class, since it can boost your knowledge on how to close deals. Nevertheless, don’t forget to further increase your knowledge about the field you’re in. Consider attending seminars, coaching, or conferences.

Look better

It is worth it to invest in something that could enhance your business. Among the best branding methods include purchasing an advertising package, or upgrading the logo of the business. Branding plays significant role in the business. It lets the people know what the business could give.

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Secret Selling System Identify your Target Market

How To Perfectly Determine A Target Market?

With the present economic state, an identified target market is important, because nobody can afford to address everyone’s problems. Through defining a target market, small businesses could compete with big businesses.

A lot of them say they are targeting those that are interested in their services. Some declare that their target are homeowners, students and mothers. While this could be a good start, these targets are too general to run after.

Targeting specific markets does not imply that you need to exclude people, who are not fit in the criteria. Instead identifying a target market permits businessmen to focus the branding and marketing budget, on a particular market, which is pre-determined to buy your products than others.

This approach is more effective, efficient and affordable in reaching prospective clients.

Choose Specific Demographics

Determine which market’s sub-segment needs a particular service or product, then determine if they are willing to buy. To be able to do this systematically, consider these factors:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Educational Level
  • Income Bracket
  • Marital status
  • Ethnic background
  • Occupation

Consider the Target’s Psychographics

When we say psychographics, we are referring to the more personal set of characteristics of the target market. Identify how the service or product will suit your target’s lifestyle; when and how they’ll use the product; and how they research for related information.

A few of the most important characteristics include:

  • Personality
  • Values
  • Attitudes
  • Lifestyles
  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Behavior

Evaluate Decision

Once a target market is determined, evaluate your decision through these questions:

  • Will the target benefit from the service or product? Will they continuously see this as a need?
  • Have I pooled enough targets that suit my set criteria?
  • Have I understood what attracts my target audience well?
  • Is my service or product’s price affordable for my target market?

Always remember that any entrepreneur can have multiple niche markets, but the marketing usually suffers if this path is chosen. Consider if a single message is enough to reach these markets.

If you are able to effectively reach these markets with one message, then maybe your target is too diverse. Reevaluate your prospects, and find the perfect balance in between each one of them.

Defining a target market is one of the hardest parts when putting up a business. Once a specific target audience is determined, everything will follow easier than usual. Figuring out which medium you could utilize to efficiently reach them, as well as what marketing strategies will go straight into their hearts.

Rather than sending thousands of direct emails to each resident of a specific zip code, you could save time by sending messages to those who are perfect for the criteria. Save money and receive a higher return of investments through defining a target market.

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What I learned from Robert Wang

3 Ingredients Of A Successful Business

Developing and managing a business in this difficult economic times requires several positive characteristics. Patience should go together with determination and open-mindedness, to make sure that a business’ ultimate goal is achieved, which is to succeed. Definitely, entrepreneurs who are constantly refusing or giving up to look for innovative ways in constantly reinventing their products, will not go far.

No business man goes into the marketing battle with failure as the ultimate goal. Each business man has dreams and high hopes, and willing to exert their efforts. Every business is built on a dream, and how this dream will be achieved will draw the difference between failure and success.

Here are the most efficient recipes for a business’ success, which all entrepreneurs must learn to use and appreciate:


Successful entrepreneurs did not jump right into the bandwagon and became rich instantly. How did they do it? They were patient. Each of them were willing to start out small and unrecognized, with an appreciation of the fact that without these small steps, they’ll not become experienced businessmen.

They were patient enough to wait until they’ve improved with experience, then decided to make the right moves towards success.This is a profound proof that the importance of patience should not be taken for granted. Though patience is often taken as an innate characteristic, apparently, this can be learned also.

If you’re not prepared to take the little steps towards success, your business will fail ultimately. Through patience, you’ll become meticulous, attentive to details, and a logical thinker.

When you are patient, you also are more likely to use common sense- a vital element in any business. Patient people are prepared, have well-established goals, understand weaknesses and strengths, find resources and knowledgeable in managing all of the important elements together.



Another critical recipe is determination. This does not only talk about being a tenacious achiever, this also implies coming up with well thought-of strategies, all throughout. Take for instance the top 100 most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

All of them had a common ground, and that is the fact that the success they’re holding on to right now, is attributed to their determination of completing the goals. They did not give up even on the toughest times; regardless of how embarrassing or impossible the situation is.


Business is equivalent to change. This is the reason why businessmen are willing to pay for researches just to be informed of forecasts and trends. As entrepreneurs, you should be willing to absorb everything that concerns your industry and your business. Any businessman who tries to refuse this information isn’t embracing success.

A business’ success is dependent on a few factors, with the most important as determination, patience and open-mindedness. Without these ingredients, a business is more likely to fail in the hands of an unprepared and uninformed entrepreneur.



10 Questions to Ask to Determinine Your IDEAL CUSTOMER PROFILE

Men buy men products!  That is a shock!  If you are trying to relate to part of your audience, without doing your research?  Don’t waste your time!  One reason you are online in the business, is to make money.  There are millions of people surfing, and buying, if you don’t deliver something specific and something that appeals directly to them, You are wasting your time.

Do you already have statistics – Who has bought your product before?
This can be a huge help in identifying who you need to target your message too, this is your audience.  I like to use the example of Brittney Spears when she first launched her “Hit Me Baby one More Time”  This is a great example. (Before she turned temptress)  She was coming out of Disney years, and going into individual female sensation.  She appealed to every female on this planet.  It is very clear, that she was not directing her music for Men to buy.

What other types of products do they buy.  What else is on your customers shopping list?  Are they buying boats, or buying diapers.  With the other products that are marketed towards them you can save a lot of research, either bundling or experimenting with your offers.  The same things will work over and over.  Mothers will always respond to “Care the most for your Baby, Buy [Product Here].”  Your speech is already created by looking at the other products that surround your customer.

How do you speak to them.  Ask yourself about your tone.  Are you speaking to the right person, in the right tone of voice.  Are you going to go CNN Headline news, or go with the luxury of being female. This will help you determine their likes and dislikes.

Where do they live
Are you fishing for potential buyers in a demographic of farmers or wall street tycoons?
Are they young or old
What are there energy levels
Kids or no kids
Who are they attracted too?
Are they attractive
What do they all have in common

6 Tools Define Your Customer Avatar

The Importance of directing your message to your future customer.

Let’s say you determine your customers are mostly female.  Most advertising that is successful, will not publish messages that are directed to both sexes.  They know who buys their product, they know who to direct their message too.  If there is a confusion on who you message is directed too, you do not have a strong advertising or sales campaign.

This is called Sorting and Sifting

Once a business plan is established, you’re now prepared to start expanding your team. To get into the real business’ world, you’ll have to look for people, who’ll be willing to present the products and services to the market with you. In marketing, you actually have the luxury of choosing and picking. Herbal Essence, Old Spice, Ring a Bell, Mazda.  Unlike all other industries, here, you have the benefit of selecting personally those you’d like to spend time with. So, start by getting in touch with these people.

Research Tools for Creating a Customer Avatar

The main objective here is to invite prospects to review your products, and your business. That’s it! If you can’t fill a room with 100 potential buyers, how can you practice your pitch?

Your aim is not to convince people that this is right for each of them. You are simply in search of people, who are open and receptive to learning or hearing your offer.

Identify Interested People Through Sorting & Sifting

Your main goal isn’t to persuade or convince.  At this point if your have determined your avatar correctly, you will have prospects you want.  Thru sorting and sifting through people, check who amongst them are interested, then you can relate.  If your room is full of teenagers, millionaires, ex cons, bikers, cheerleaders, and Religious folk.  It will be hard to create a pitch that wins.  Not only less likely, it just wont happen.

This is just like sorting a card deck. When your eyes are for Aces only, you will immediately separate the Aces from all others, and not think about what if the “kings”, “queens”, and “jacks” turn into Aces too.

Bring In More Prospects

Regardless of how excellent you are as a businessman; regardless of what expert skills you have; regardless of the taste of success you’ve experienced in the past.  You have to pay close detail to just who will show positive response to the message.



Looking to buy online business for sale, Remember these Must Do Steps

It goes without saying that buying an online business can be one of the biggest moves that you ever make. You do need then, to perform due diligence and to make sure that everything is good and dependable.

You can get advice from a Business Consultant to help you with buying a Business. Or your lawyer and your accountant will usually work alongside of you in trying to uncover anything unpleasant about the deal you are tempted by ñ details such as pending lawsuits that the seller may try to hide, can be common. You don’t get the chance to perform due diligence at any other stage. Once you get past this, you will actually have sunk money into the venture. This is your chance. Let’s take a look at the main areas that you need to pay attention to. These are areas that people often neglect.

When you’re buying a business, the seller’s financials will usually give you your best clues to anything that may be amiss. Just because it is an online business doesn’t mean that you should overlook any of these.  When a seller plans to prepare his business to sell, he will often try to make it look more profitable than it is, shortly before settling. To do this, he’ll try to cut back on those business expenses are shift expenses around just to make things look like they’re more profitable than they are. If profitability seems to have dramatically risen shortly before the sale, that’s a red flag right there.

Businesses usually have leases on the properties they occupy. These can be very valuable. Buyers will often overlook how valuable these leases are. Sometimes though, buyers will spend too much time studying the leases to make sure that they are good value, that they’ll just let the deal fall through. You can also have problems with leases when the landlord is not happy with your credit rating. Sometimes, he will just refuse to accept a new tenant at all.

It’s always a good idea to check the leases out quickly before buying a business.

A business is only as good as its loyal customer base. While you might find everything acceptable to do with the leases and financials, the value of a business often depends quite entirely on how much its customer base can be depended upon. It can be a good idea to investigate the customer base. You could look at the accounts receivables to see if credit extended seems to get paid back on a regular basis.

Finally, it could be a good idea to take a close look at the kind of employee stability the business can count on. To someone buying a business that’s been running for some time, it can be very important that they be able to depend on the employees to help them catch up. If the old employees seem attached to the old business owner and plan to leave the company with him, it can spell trouble. You need to secure some kind of guarantee that the old employees will stay on.

Tips for Successful Sales and Marketing

Give Google what it wants


Google and other search engines want to visit your site and receive relevant keyword information. It crawls your site, and takes the winners to the top, and throws the losers down to the bottom of the page ranks.

It wants to find information that is useful and displayed well to its users. It wants your site to be successful just like you. If your site has a 3 minute average page time or 12 per user, it notices! If your page load time is 3 minutes, it will try not to notice any of the other great things on your site.

If it is extremely difficult for the search engines to crawl and filter your site, all your other efforts could be worthless.

Google and other search engines negatively rank sites that are:


Coded and Written poorly or out of date

Display and schema errors

No Meta Data

Old Information

Let’s talk Google Schema, we realized that if you don’t use it Google doesn’t love you! We use the most recent schema that Google loves, and we don’t have to redesign your site or overhaul it.

Think about the things that matter:

Keyword Research

Clean URL’s

Clean Coding

The microdata on your web page that google reads is just as important on the keywords and content on your site. Most people don’t know that! These results are proven with every one of our websites. Google crawls your site and looks for it. Invisible changes, that helps your seo effort Skyrocket.

For E-commerce this is extremely Critical. Google robots crawl 3-4 pages in and stop, usually. An e-commerce store might have 100-1,000 items, images, descriptions. It will cripple your search rankings, if you choose to overlook it. Be sure to focus on the specific E Commerce necessities to get every page of your site crawled and ranking.

If you don’t do These – You Lose in Google

Page Load Time,

XML Sitemap,

Robots.txt file,

Broken links,

Anchor texts,

Header texts,

Internal Link building,

link hierarchy and structure.

7 Online Sales Mistakes

Selling online? Remember these 7 Common Mistakes to avoid!

Avoid these costly mistakes in your online media. Whether selling on the ecommerce or services on the internet, by blogging, social networking or by doing webinars. It may almost appear that online sales is a secret but even those persons, who’ve already been on the internet for some time, have faults.

We need to begin by taking a look at the most difficult things a person encounters whenever attempting to make a pitch to clients and customers, whether be it offline ore online.


Discover a way unique to your business to create a good first impression.  Look at your competitors. What are they selling, what does their site and online precense look like?  Is your up to par?  This is a huge mistake that people overlook.  Design is everything! Initial distinction between you and your competitors always helps in creating a good first impression, and gives you an approachable demeanor.


Do your best to make sure that people will not only remember your sites, and items, but remember you and your brand.


Follow up on all of them right after the preliminary site visit!  Re-targeting and email campaigns set in place so customers will be reminded to go back to your site!


You need to be where they are, which means figuring out where your ideal customers and clients hang out online. This is actually the most significant bit, since they might be on MySpace and any other social networking site.


A fresh delicate distinction however, is to know vital details that is worth observing. Particularly, if approaching them through social networking. Your picture looks nice but this doesnt say anything about you.  Online Dating! Details!

They consider their sales to be great on their own like the old saying goes “People will not keep in mind whatever you did or said, they will keep in mind the way you get them to feel.” It is an excellent line to keep in mind whenever communicating on the internet or in person.
An advantage whether it be a fresh or an old company is to have a stand-out visible brand name, a thing that enables you to be notified as well as to avoid having similarities with your competitors is if they bought something.


We need to state to them that you are accumulating a good relationship with somebody, and you are a fulfilled person, and it should be very evident from your internet profiles. They are thinking about how you are as a person and you are linked to all of them through Twitter, LinkedIn and ultimately will comeback, share if you are constant.

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Google’s Patent for Ranking Sites

Let’s talk about what Google’s own patent says about how they rank sites; how they search; how they determine who is at the top of search rankings; and how it works. I am going to tell you about a little update which Google has done recently to their algorithm and to their search patent.


It pretty much breaks down this way. You can see the chart below and how the pieces are all put together. Again, this is proprietary information, where I am giving you my best guesstimate based on a lot of other people’s best guesstimates. There are a lot of people smarter than I am who have been in the trenches.


Google tells you all the things they do to rank Web sites in their patent. I put a link here, so you can actually go look at Google’s patent for search, if you want to. I have kind of deciphered it down to the Cliff Note’s version. You can imagine with all the Ph.D. eggheads at Google what the patent looks like.


The way it basically breaks down, 25% of the way Google determines value of a search page is based on authority of the host domain. In other words, the Web site has good authority and trust.


A lot of this comes with various things. Are the keywords actually in the domain? This is a biggy. How early on are they are the domain?


How old is the domain? How old is the Web site? How long has it been around?


How long is the domain registered for? This is something nobody ever really thinks about. How long have you registered the domain for? Most people only register domains for a year. If you register a domain for five years, evidence shows that Google likes this better.


Here is a big secret for you. Google is actually a domain name registrar like or or any of the other domain registrars. Here is the big thing though: Google does not sell domain names.


Why do they spend $100,000 to become a domain registrar? They only spent that money so they can go back in the search results, look up your Web site, and see how long it has been active. They are privy to that information now.


They can look it up, tell how long you have had it, tell to whom it is registered, tell where it is hosted, and they can do it all through their back end as a registrar. They spent a lot of money for that, and you can be sure that they absolutely do use that registrar status to help determine trust.


By the way, going back to the 40% on the domain name, the total amount of links going to the domain is a big deal. They are going to look at all of the links coming into your site or to the domain completely. That is the reason mega sites like Amazon and Yahoo which have millions of inbound links can put up a story with no links to it and boom! It goes to the top of the search engines. They have a lot of inbound links which give them authority and trust to the domains. Does that make sense?


Approximately 23% is link popularity of a specific page. This is inbound links to the specific page for which you want to rank. In other words, these are inbound links that go directly to the page you want to rank for and it is about 23% of the overall score.


If you are paying attention to this, you can already see that if you have a site that has almost no backlinks to the domain but a bunch of backlinks to the page, you are still going to be under the gun. You will not have the best result. If I have more domain authority than you do, it takes me far fewer links to push my page to the top of the search engine.


Again, 23% is actually links going back to the page.


The next roughly 20% is something called anchor text links. When these links came into your Web site, they were actually in the body of some text somewhere. There was an underlined phrase.


Let’s say we are doing a site on dog training. If enough links that are underlined with the words “dog training” (called hyperlinks) link from other sites into ours, it is more powerful than just having a link on that site going to our Web site. It is a link that is telling Google what the link is about, what it is for, and where they are sending people.


I will give you a funny example of this. A few years ago, there were blog bombs. Bloggers found out that if they linked enough words like this, they could go to a site that was totally irrelevant and it would rank very highly.


I do not know if it is still the case or not (I can look it up and see), but for a while if you typed “big fat idiot” into Google, the number one result was It shows you the power of hyperlinks.


The Rush Limbaugh site did not say anything at all about big, fat idiot. It was not titled “Big, Fat Idiot” and it did not have any articles called “Big, Fat Idiot.” However, it had enough hyperlinks going back that came from the term “big, fat idiot” to rank it number one at Google.


I think “incompetent moron” was the number one listing during the Bush administration for I am sure there is one now for the Obama administration and only God knows what it is.


The bloggers have learned over time that if they put enough anchor text links back to something, they can show Google that it is relevant for that particular term.


This makes up about 20% of the search.


The next thing that makes up about 15% of search is keyword usage. People believe that this means the amount of times the keyword or the keyword phrase is used on the page. Everyone assumes that this is what it means, but it does not mean exactly that. It means that Google looks at a page and asks, “Is this page about what it is titled about? Is it about what it says it is about?”


For a while you could fool the search engines. For instance, if you were selling dog training, you could have a Web site that said, “Hi, welcome to my site on dog training. This is the best dog training site in the whole world. If you like dog training, my dog training site beats all other dog training sites. Dog training is awesome. Dog training is great. You need to learn more about dog training.”


This would actually make you popular for those pages with search engines like Google and Yahoo because the page looked relevant.


Now Google has a limit or a range they are looking for on a page. We will talk about that range more as we get in depth, but it runs between 2% and 4% of the page should be about the main term you are talking about, the main thing you want SEO for.


Here is the deeper lying voodoo of on-page keyword relevance. Google now is looking for other words that associate with dog training to be on that page. The sentences I gave you before were rather nonsensical. They did not make sense and you would not talk to somebody that way.


If you were really talking about dog training, you might talk about collars, harnesses, agility, or other things that have to do with dog training. You might talk about breeds of dogs like collies or Corgis or Irish Setters. You may talk about other things that relate to dogs, to dog training, to potty training, outdoor mats; it could be anything.


Google will be looking for the words which they know through their database are most associated with dog training. If you do not have those words on your site, they are going to look at your page and go, “This is a fake. This is somebody trying to scam us and tell us their site is about dog training, but they do not use any other dog training vocabulary anywhere on the page.” Vocabulary is a really big deal.