Fixed Price SEO


Paid by Performance SEO?

I wish that this were easy and simple. We all know that SEO is a service that is based on performance. Just like any other kind of marketing we care about leads, who what where when and why our customers are on our site.

The model of paid by performance SEO is one that was created by customers. Does everyone agree that the customer is always right ? No, of course not, we work with our customers to give them a good product or service. Theoretically if I could give performance suggestions on training and business practices, I would make a million dollars before turning off my alarm clock in the morning. If there is a solution that were that simple and that worked, we would all sign up.

So should we lead the marketers and SEO experts in how they present themselves and their services? What is the biggest reason people buy consulting? Why People seek help for an SEO Expert?

They want results. They have done things to change their business on their own, and they have come to a point that alone is not enough. Strategy and guidance are needed. Now are those two efforts measurable? Just like SEO we might be barking up the wrong tree on expectations, and long term performance. I did a website for a customer last summer, with the thought in mind that eventually he would start doing SEO. So I built him a site, that was SEO friendly and that easily could be found in search engines. I used the basic SEO techniques that only lazy, or uninformed marketers don’t do. No promises.

A year later he is number 5 for “BMW repair in Roundrock Texas” Wow, I deserve a tip! Who knows how many people have found him on the web. I’m glad I could help his business. It is unjust to look for a fixed price SEO person? They might have to work twice as hard as they thought depending on competitors and trends, just to uphold a promise? Is it reliable to go with an SEO person that does not give any promises, just an invoice? Help me out with the Perfect SEO Business Model, I would love to hear your opinion. Jennifer




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