Four of the Best Direct Selling Businesses in the World in 2012


Topping the direct selling companies in the world for 2012 came from business for home sector. Each day around 70,000 plus prospects globally are searching for details to find the perfect opportunity available. Just like any service or product it can be bought through Direct Selling anywhere in the world.


The majority of us think of wellness products, home décor and cosmetics as products which are most of the time offered via direct sales. There are several other products available online including the high end jewelry, spa products, rubber stamps, kitchen products, clothing, Forex, scrapbooking supplies, organic gardening supplies and others. Below are information on some of the best direct selling business in the world.





The company reported annual global sales of $11.3 billion for 2012 and this is the reason one why it is included in one of the top direct selling business worldwide. Their annual sales have increased a lot. This is their 7th year of growth, with sales increases for twelve years out of thirteen years, based on the news release. The company posted a double digit increase in 2012 in countries like Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Russia, Italy, Turkey and Hong Kong. The business is now more aligned worldwide, with seasoned, strong leadership in every region. The company predicts a possible growth this year. Alticor continue to invest in the supply chain, scientific resources and manufacturing to be more responsive to the market demands, which helps the distributors to serve their customers with products where and when they need them. Alticor or Amway plans around $335 million in R&D and manufacturing expansion which includes 4 facilities in the U.S., a new manufacturing facility in India and another sites in both Vietnam and China.



Herbalife International


Herbalife International is an MLM company which offers weight management, skin-care products and nutrition. The company was launched in 1980, and it employs around 6,200 individuals worldwide. The net sales of Herbalife are around US$4.072 billion in 2012, it is an 18% increase in 2011. The company’s net income is $477.19 million, which is a 16% growth over 2011. The company distributes the products in 88 countries with a network of around 3.2 million independent distributors, others earn profit on product sales as well as additional commission from the multi-level marketing compensation structure.






Visalus is known for its mission to help people transform their health and fitness. It is recognized as one of the top direct selling company in 2012 worldwide. The company sales increased from $393.0 million to $623.5 million in 2012 against the $230.5 million in 2011. Visalus is considered as one of the youngest company in the top 50 companies.

The growth of the company attributes these acknowledgements to all of the passionate independent promoters and users of the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge and concentrates on doing its part. Visalus was founded in 2005 in Los Angeles.



OPN – Opportunity Network


The Opportunity Network or OPN is a Direct Selling company which is based in Singapore. The company was founded in 2009. At present, OPN has approximately 300,000 plus activated profiles. It combines social trends and powerful business with its direct selling compensation program.


OPN is working together with 37 expert law firms worldwide to make sure that the business is in compliance with all the laws and regulations. Today OPN is one of the top 5 Direct Selling Companies all over the world.