Money to Start a Business: How To Raise All The Money You’ll Ever Need To Start Your Own Business


Perry Belcher just release a book entitled Money to Start a Business: How To Raise All The Money You’ll Ever Need To Start Your Own Business.  This book is a guide to explain how to raise money from your new business. This will help most of those Venture Capitalist out there. It is an exciting time for you as a brand-new business owner, getting started and raising the cash that you need to expand your business, grow your business, take it to a local level or a national stage.

Whatever you’re trying to do, this book will help you raise money for your business through multiple sources: everything from private equity; friends and family; angel investors all the way up to venture capitalist SBA loans; and everything else.


Perry Belcher have been bootstrapped a lot of businesses in the past. He had the privilege of going through the SBA lending process through a partner. Dealt with venture capital firms; dealt with angel investors, private offerings. Even got very near to taking a company public, and dealt with pretty much all the stages of financing that you can go through. Perry Belcher has been involved in about thirteen startup business companies over the past years. His start-up days are starting to wind up.

Perry Belcher dealt with a lot of these. Know a lot of VC people, know a lot of people that are investors in businesses, angel investors, small business investors, people who have dealt with a loan process over time, and he knows a lot about what they are looking for. More importantly, through these experience, he know what they’re not looking for: the reasons people won’t loan you money, won’t fund your project, or won’t invest. Most of the time, this is more important than why they will. If you know their red flags, you have a big advantage.

Why Raise Money

There are a lot of reasons you need to raise money, but the biggest reason is the single largest reason businesses fail: under-capitalization. Most people who start a business don’t have the proper amount of funds to get through the learning curve or the business. Especially if people haven’t run a business before; if you’re brand-new to something, you’re definitely going to have a learning curve. It takes a period of time, typically, to acquire customers, establish vendor relationships, things like that. You’re sort of raising money to buy time. A lot of the time you need assets, you need equipment, you need particular things that require tools for your business that you’re going to have to raise money for depending on what you’re doing. The reason to raise money is to pay for those things if you don’t have the money to do it yourself.

Getting Money

Unfunding is the single biggest reason business fail, especially for those startup business. In fact, raising money should be the number 1 job of any entrepreneur. In his new book, Perry Belcher helps small business owners and entrepreneurs alike to overcome the start-up funding roadblock once and for all. Perry covers every aspect of startup business funding including:

  • Finding hidden assets that you already have that can be turned to cash to seed your venture
  • How to have friends and family begging to give you money or “get in” on your business idea.
  • How to get FREE and almost free money from State and Federal agencies that already have these “stimulus” funds set aside for those who start new businesses.
  • You’ll learn how to attract “interest-free” funding from Angel investors who will give you funding for a small stake in your company.

You’ll even learn how to deal with venture capitalists like those on TV’s Shark Tank. Interest rates such and the markets are all shaky. Because of these facts Perry says there is FAR more money out there right now than there are good ideas to invest in. If your idea is sound, it’s a bull market for entrepreneurs. Get this book today and start seeing your ideas and become well-funded realities.