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STEP 1: Register for the LIVE Workshop

Roughly $6.9 billion in eBooks were sold in 2012. Yes, that’s almost $7 BILLION!

Want to take advantage of the explosive eBook market and, write a book in a weekend and walk out the door Sunday night with your written book ready for editing.

The Number One Book System was Co Created with Perry Belcher and Ryan Deiss.  It is an amazing tool that helps author’s become a Number One Listing on Amazon and become a successful epublisher.

The true success is highlighted in the media strategy that Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher have achieved with their own online books.  “How to sell 100 Books a day,” and “How to import from China” Using these online marketing strategies, they have already implemented and proved a success in thier own product launches.

The key elements needed to launch a successful ebook

The Number One Book System Training systematically points of contact you need in all the media outlets and the overall process undertaking to becoming a successful author.

  • Title your book!
  • Create an Awesome Outline!
  • Hold yourself accountable!
  • Review, Review, Review
  • Get feedback from Social!
  • Get your Cover Lover Software
  • Publish on Amazon

Getting you book to the top of the Amazon Best Seller list:

In an easy to use package that includes, software, live events, training and hosts an online community of authors with a singular goal, they are ready to publish.  We provide the vehicle for authors to launch a successful career in writing.


Every level of author can establish themselves online.

The goal is to create a media effect that increases popularity and sales.   Once an author reaches the well-known status the possibilities are endless.


The Number One Book System opens the door for authors that want to become a published author and want to be sold in stores like Barnes and Noble.
Software that will help you reach the number one results in Amazon

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