Salesletter Formula: 21 Effective Ways and Guides to a good Sales Piece

Salesletter Formula: 21 Effective Ways and Guides to a good Sales piece

The Salesletter Formula can be a big help with your marketing plan, when you know exactly how to follow.  This is an  important tool to write a good salesletter, and video letters as well. Let me share some of these. Over the  years , I’ve added a few points today to the Salesletter  Formula, and I’d like to share this with you now.

I read an article by David Frey called the 12 step foolproof Salesletter formula,  a few years ago. This formula has made me millions of dollars over the last few years.

Many thanks go to David, a brilliant marketer from San Antonio, Texas, a credit for opening to me the effective Salesletter Formula.

I kind of feel like I’m painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa by doing this, everybody asked how you write sales letters, and video sales letter so well. This is the exact formula to follow.

I’m working on a new book on the subject and would love all your feedback questions and comments. I’ll be answering all these personally so please, fire away.


21 part effective sales letter formula :

1. Call out to your audience

2. Get their attention

3. Backup the big promise headline with an quick explanation (SUB)

4. Identify the problem

5. Provide the solution

6. Show pain of and cost of development

7. Explain ease-of-use

8. Show speed to results

9. Future cast

10. Show your credentials

11. Detail the benefits

12. Get social proof

13. Make your offer

14. Add bonuses

15. Build up your value

16. Reveal your price (pop by button)

17. Inject scarcity (if any)

18. Give guarantee

19. Call to action

20. Give a warning

21. Close with a reminder

I also added my part copy test that I asked myself when I finished any new sales piece. You really should do this the day after you finish your sales letter or video sales letter, after you have had a chance to read or reread it out loud.

By the way that one tip is really important. You should always read every completed sales piece you ever write including e-mails out loud preferably to another human being. It will probably improve your copy at least 100%

The Eight-Part Copy Test After Finishing the Sales Piece:

1. Did you grab your readers by the throat your readers with your headline?

2. Did you clearly explain that you understand the problem?

3. Did you show them so much proof that they can’t possibly doubt what

you had to say?

4. Did you show features and benefits to your offer that included the word

so in each line?

5. Did you ensure your prospects that your product will be very very easy

to use?

6. Did you ensure to your prospects that your product would work very

quickly to solve the problem?

7. Did you clearly explain the pain of the experience by not accepting your


8. Did you demonstrate incredible value in your offer so much so that your

prospect would feel stupid by not buying your product?

37 thoughts on “Salesletter Formula: 21 Effective Ways and Guides to a good Sales Piece

  1. Thanks for the AMAZING additions!

    My question is one that I am sure many have…features vs benefits. I spend more time trying to get the benefits down than I care to admit. I noticed the “so” verbiage you mentioned but, do you have any other secret recipes for creating good compelling benefits?

    Also, how is the book coming and when do you expect it to be released?

  2. Great list Perry! Glad to hear from you again. Let me know when your book is ready. Will you put together a small video, going over each of these steps?


  3. Hey Perry – great stuff here…

    i think it would be easy for writers to overlook how comprehensive this list is, but it covers about just about every angle of writing good copy – in a one page post…

    in other words – newbs could fill in the blanks here and produce a decent letter 😉

    Thanks for sharing!!

    I’ve used that Frey formula (and the minor changes you made to it in the video sales letter course) more than a few times to get outstanding conversion rates…

    One of the things I didn’t see in this one is multiple calls to action… are you still using them??

    That was stroke of genius IMHO and added a lot of value to the Frey formula…

    Ok – so you asked for feedback – here’s a series of random thoughts in no particular order ;):

    This is a pretty comprehensive list – the only thing you might consider mentioning in your book is not to wait too long to present some kind of proof element so that you don’t build up all this disbelief while establishing value… maybe at step 3 along with your explanation of how you’ll fulfill the big promise…

    and on the proof topic – overwhelm them with proof… proof sells… and more is better in this case…

    you’ll want to tell them about the work that you do before you write a lick of copy… can;t address the problem until you know what it is, etc. Less of an issue if you write for your own stuff, but if you do client work, you can;t skip the research (and hell, we could all stand to understand our market better)…

    and readers shouldn;t think that the fast & easy aren;t important selling points – they matter to buyers…

    and one of John C.’s questions is the “So what?” test…

    Anyways, I’m gonna test this out in the near future and I’ll let you know how it works for me…

    basically, if you just expand on everything you listed here, you’ll have a very solid resource on how to write good sales copy…

    best of luck with the book – if you want to follow your book up with an info product and you need a publisher hit me up 😉

    (lmao – i crack me up)

    take care bro!!!


  4. Great post Perry but I would expect nothing less. You have a way of explaining things like no one else. I miss seeing your videos and enjoy learning from you. Have a great day

  5. What a fantastic resource. I created and use a similar checklist for my own sales pages – but I didn’t have a written out ‘copy test’.

    Thank you for the share Perry 🙂

  6. Thanks for the information. I am new to copywriting and this is very helpful. Can you point me to an example or two of sales letters that you have written that follow this formula?

  7. A friend of mine steered me to your site to check out this list a ways back. I’ve been putting these points into practice wherever I can. Thank you so much for generously sharing your knowledge Perry!

  8. Great starting pointing. This makes writing a video script pretty easy, too. I fear the elements are only half the letter. The other half is the personality that goes into the words. No checklist for that though.

  9. Perry,

    Thanks for the props. I wrote that article back in 2002 I think. I wrote it to help me create a checklist for my salesletters. I love your add on’s. If people only knew how valuable this post is, they would print it out, frame it and put it on their wall. LOL

    You are definitely one of the top 3 copywriters in the WORLD. And I don’t say that lightly.

    To your continued success.


    1. If only people knew how powerful this stuff really is.

      Your right David, I think we should really frame this formula, its bad ass!

  10. Heeey Perry I’m sure my Grandmamma is gonna be mad when she reads this comment on your blog and finds out that I’m no longer using her “1 Point Sales Copy” in my Videos in exchange for your 21 point Sales Letter. But that’s a risk I gotta take. I always read my sales copy out loud thanks to my good buddy Benjamin Franklin. Well I appreciate your advice. KEEP SMILING…with Unconditional love.

    Lovingly loving you Deremiah *CPE

  11. Excellent post here Perry! I needed something like this to share with a client who is thinking about writing her own sales page. This is definitely a resource I’m sending her way.

  12. Love this… I wrote on my own blog this is like seeing a master riff on another master – David Frey, riffing on Dan Kennedy and Robert Cialdini… great stuff.

  13. This is such an awesome post. Back in 2010 we did a launch an generated over 67,000 emails all by using David Frey’s Sales Copy Formula. Looking at the refined list Im thinking of doing another one again. Thanks for refining the formula

  14. Perry,

    As always, you deliver the goods… so targeted, so powerful, so damn convertible!

    I would like to suggest your title take these attributes into account…

    Call it “Bullseye!”

    Please put me on the early bird list for both the written and the audio versions.


    Jeff Moore

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