How to write a Sales Letter – The Psychology of Selling

The Psychology of Selling.
Customers have underlying psychological needs that they get fulfilled, when they buy something. How can you make your offer an opportunity, that customers will buy?  An opportunity is what prospects are looking for.  You will have to emanate that with your pitch, this is the first thing that will take place. Either they will take it, or not respond.
People want to believe that you have the magical formula.  That not only do they not have to worry about a repair, that they will get BRAND NEW, worthy opportunity.  This is the psychology behind giving a prospect of what they need, and offering it to them.   They need to recognize it as a MUST HAVE.  They want to believe that the glue will hold over 600 lbs.  They want to believe that they can lose a miraculous amount of weight.  It is a new opportunity, it is being optimistic.

Start With An Improvement.

This can be a challenge. First, you have to make your customer admit they have a problem that needs fixed, which most people are not going to do that willingly or with a smile on their face.  Then, you have to take action with your customer, especially if you are selling an information product, it is hard to create an offer for a prospect to improve something.  They want new, they don’t want to think about the failures of other products, or services, or the failure in their own methods without your solution.  They want that greener grass on the other side, handed to them.  Make it easy for them and understand that the opportunity is what they buy, not the improvement offer.  It is all in how you sell it.

Desire Is Utmost Important. 

People desire something; that is why they are buying.  Desire is strong, powerful, and controls the prospects actions.  When you ask yourself, “What are my customers utmost desires, what do they want, and what are they trying to obtain?” propose your own desires in social influence or status.  Am I buying this to gain more status?  These questions are underlying in the psychology of sales.

Building your own confidence and having faith in yourself. They are looking for something, that you can give them.

You want to feel good when you buy something.  As people we all do the same thing.

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