How to Make My Business Grow: How To Get More New Customers That Come Back More Often & Spend More Money Every Time


The purpose of How to Make My Business Grow: How To Get More New Customers That Come Back More Often & Spend More Money Every Time is to bring small business strategies and information to the average Joe. This isn’t about teaching people how to become millionaires overnight. The purpose of the book is to bring you realistic, small business start up strategies. One of the single biggest aspects of being a small business owner is understanding marketing. That is the focus of this book, how to make a business grow.

The Experience

At the age of 15, Perry Belcher started in the business as a clothing wholesaler. He later went on to become a paint contractor and he owned a janitorial company. By the age of 21 he had 42 jewelry stores. Actually, he had 30 jewelry stores before he was even legally allowed to drink. Then, at the age of 22, things took a turn in the other direction and went broke. you can guess what happens when you make $50,000 a month at 21..

Perry went broke and at that point he became an airbrush and tattoo artist. He went on to own a computer manufacturing and retail company, and gourmet food manufacturing company. At one point, he was the third largest candle maker in the world. He manufactured vitamins, managed a law firm and written and published numerous books. He have seen success and seen failure, learned from his success and learned from failure. Perry Belcher has been fortunate enough to see the good, the bad and the ugly of business over the years.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is a term that people throw around and most people think they know what it means. A lot of people flat out don’t know. Marketing makes people want to buy. It gives them a reason to buy. A biggest example of t his is the Apple Computer. Perry Belcher never met an iPod salesman to this day. This is a couple hundred-dollar item that Mac has, this iPod. There are no iPod salesmen, or iPhone salesmen for that matter. If you look at the iPhone, there are people waiting in long lines. Those guys didn’t get sold to on an individual basis. They were marketed and they used certain psychological triggers to build anticipation, scarcity, benefit and things like that. Apple doesn’t market products with big branding campaigns with an apple stuck on a billboard somewhere. You don’t see that. There is a scarcity and a news spin on what they do.

Through this book, you’ll get to learn Marketing vs The Sales process, Scarcity and Spin and Working On vs. Working in your business. These will help you how to grow a business.

In addition, the following are topics you get from the book:

  • The Marketing Plan
    • Your USP – that includes the personal touch, simple concepts, turning shortfalls into advantage and learning how to look to your customers.
    • Proving The Proposition – includes testimonials and physical proof.
    • Irresistible Offers – offers sub-topics too good to refuse, hooked on the difference, superior and free, going the extra mile, find what people want and tell everybody.
    • Have Something Unique

Triad System

As you go through the book, you will notice there are a lot of threes. When you go through the whole system, which the system has three parts and inside of each one of those three parts there are three subparts. It is pretty simple, easy to understand, and you’ll know the whole thing in a matter of hours.

This is what has made Perry Belcher successful in almost every business he’s been in. It has given him the ability to rise above the pack no matter where he was.

Perry Belcher uses marketing and certain psychological triggers to build anticipation, scarcity, benefit, and things like that. You’re going to learn about these things are you read about the Triad.






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