Testimonials in Advertising Examples


Testimonials help you build trust. Customers who have used your product tell your new customers or visitors about the experience they have with your products and services. Customer’s testimonial is cost effective and more powerful to the audience. Today, testimonials, aren’t in just in text anymore, there can be in any variations. Video testimonial is just one of the variations. Other is audio. This kind of variations help you leverage channels like YouTube, to help you gain more customers.

Know Your Happy Customers

Make sure that you choose those happy customers to write testimonials for you. You are targeting positive testimonials in order to sell more and do that; you have filtered the ones that are not satisfied with your product and services. Most often, satisfied customers might not go out of their way to provide comments, but are often willing if asked. Don’t be afraid to ask them if you need. Collecting testimonials is time consuming but you’ll be able to help and tell the customers “the proof” of how effective your product and services is.

Use Testimonials When You’re Talking To People

Whenever you are doing business – let say networking or doing a sales pitch, include adding the list of positive testimonials of people you have in your business. This will give a plus factor and a “proof” of how well your business is doing.

Testimonial Filled With Benefits

Any positive comments would not do. You have to filter those customers’ testimonials that will provide a lot of benefit for your business. If a customer says “The product is great! I love it!” this is nice to hear but it doesn’t actually tell the visitors and new customers how they will benefit the product and services. A good example for this is “The book I bought helped me a lot. It doubles my business profit in just a month! ”

Video and Audio Testimonials

Video and Audio Testimonials provides more benefits and helps you attract more visitors and potential customers. This kind of testimonials can be uploaded into social media sites such YouTube which text based testimonials don’t.






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