Membership Sites That Make Money


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What is a membership site? These are sites with specific areas for members. Generally members pay some type of fee to join the site. The book entitled Membership Sites That Make Money written by Perry Belcher is similar to the book he published Passive Income: How To Create Passive Income Online & Passive Opportunities That Earn You Daily Income but more focuses on Membership Sites. The book will help you how to create automatic Daily Income from Tiny Little Niche Membership Sites You can build in a Day or Less for FREE!. That’s right! You can build it for Free.

The Automatic Daily Income System

This book is going to talk about how to create an Automatic Daily Income System with your business. If you are familiar with the internet marketing world, people are going out there and selling products, selling content, selling information, and that’s all good, it’s all great. However, a whole a lot of better than selling something once is selling once and getting paid over and over and over and over again.

This whole concept of daily income – of recurring income, of subscription income, continuity income – seems to be a mystery to a lot of folks. More than it being mysterious, people seem to think that it’s hard to do. It’s not.

Perry Belcher help you describe the different models out there, particularly the two that are recommended to people to go with if they want to create a daily income system in their business. You can set up each one of these models in 48 hours or less. Yes, that is right! 48 hours or less!

The book talks about some of the common elements found in these different daily income systems and how you can actually sell these subscription offers, or continuity offers, once you have them in place.

Membership Site

The book will help you learn how to start a membership site. That includes password protection, hosting and platforms to choose from. A membership site is like a community, a place to connect with people that hopefully is profitable for you as well.

Before you create a membership site, you must be able to answer the following questions to get started.

  • Who is your target market? Is that market already exist?
  • Does this site already exist?
  • Is it going to be a one fee or recurring payment?
  • What’s your ballpark price point?
  • Have you built up enough credibility in your niche?
  • How is the site going to be designed/what framework are you using?
  • How are you planning to deliver the content inside the site?

Customer Value

It’s not just about making money. If you’re thinking, “Well, that doesn’t seem real fair to the customers,” you’re wrong. It’s extremely fair to the customers. Information products are software for humans now. As fast as the world is changing and as fast as the economy and businesses are moving right now, it’s almost a disservice to publish one flat product and sell it to somebody.

What works in that product today may not be applicable in six months or a year. If you can show the benefit to your customers to become a subscriber of yours, you can keep them up to date and it’s better value for them. You’re actually doing a better job for your customers.

CD-Of-The Month Programs

Aside from the membership sites, the other subscription that the book offers is the CD-of-the month. The number one aim should be to get people to switch from single products to subscriptions. There are two CD subscriptions the book provides. One of them is the Video Professor model. If you’ve watched TV, you’ve probably seen a Video Professor commercial.

A good example is this line:

“Here, let me show you. I’m going to give you this tutorial on how to use Windows, or how to sell on eBay. I’m going to give it to you for free.”

When you sign up for this service, you are going to get put into a monthly continuity program where he is going to send you a new training CD every single month. There is nothing illegal or unethical about it. He tells you that this is what you’re doing, that he is going to allow you to build this computer learning volume.

The book also covers the following topic:

  • Content – this section will help you learn with filler articles, video content, using Ghostwriters, members only forum, recommended resources and protected archives.
  • Selling Subscriptions – it helps you on how to sell products, not subscriptions, how to create irresistible offers, how to focus on the Product value and Selling site Membership
  • Running Your Income Machine – this section, you will learn about how to run your income machine, this includes getting to know and learning your Billing, Joint Ventures, Constant Testing, Promotion and the section “Don’t Be the Expert”




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